A teen punched his mother and stole her car after the mother took the young man to meet his girlfriend.

County deputies say Dallas Douglas, who recently turned 19 was waiting with his mom to pick up his girlfriend in Saturday.

The girlfriend was taking a long time to arrive, and the mother said it was time to go when the girlfriend failed to show up.

Things then got violent, the teen allegedly punched his mother in the face, then started kicking her to the point where she had exit the car.

Dallas apparently wanted to continue waiting for his girlfriend and decided he’d do everything he can to stay.

According to Sgt. Frank Kinsey:

Mom decided to she had other chores, other things she had to do with her time, and decided to leave. At that time is when he decided that he wanted to stay, and was gonna do everything in his power to make sure she stayed there.

Dallas drove off with an 11 year old in the backseat.

When deputies tried to pull Dallas over he hit a patrol car.

Dallas was charged with 3 felonies, including assault on a law enforcement officer and kidnapping a minor.

Updated: September 13, 2020 — 4:52 pm

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