A new method of removing melanin/bleaching is going viral after a video was uploaded online. The video, that shows melanin being taken off almost instantaneously, exudes colorism and poses a great threat to the fight against it. 

In a new video, a spa attendant in Nigeria shows herself tending to a woman in a tub.

The attendant is scraping the client’s peeling skin off of a brown skinned woman and revealing the depigmentated skin beneath.

The woman’s digpigmentated legs looks completely like white skin.

The attendant says the “Naija bath” works almost instantaneously and costs N30,000. 

Here’s the video:

Nigeria has one of the biggest skin bleaching populations in the world besides India and other Asian countries.

In recent years some African countries have started banning skin bleaching products and specific ingredients that bleach the skin in the countries.

But the skin bleaching continued, and researchers said banning skin bleaching products won’t be effective until darker skinned people are treated as equally as those with light skin.

The colorism that Europeans brought to these countries, and the continuous ways they’ve taught black people to hate their skin for hundreds of years will continue to make people find ways to mimic European skin tones.

Jamaica is also a country in which skin bleaching is an epidemic:

Here are some reactions to the Nigerian bath instant bleaching removal:

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:47 am

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