The mayor of Grovetown in Georgia, Gary E. Jones has made an announcement today about keeping the children safe during Halloween day and Trick or Treating time.

The mayor expressed concern that he doesn’t feel safe with children out trick or treating by themselves or with their family, as they’ll be going door to door while sexual offenders and predators are out and about.

The Georgia Department of Community Supervision has the right of requiring paroled sex offenders to check into a specific location at any time they want,

So if you were wondering if it’s legal, it is. The Mayor posted on Facebook

 “In order to ensure the safety of our children, all sex offenders (on probation) in the City of Grovetown will be housed in the county chambers on Halloween night for three hours.”

The mayor is currently getting an immense amount of support for this decision, but is still getting negative feedback as some people say “these people have paid their debt to society”, and that the facility can be used for other things

Others say he’s absolutely right taking this action, saying Halloween is the only day Children are out by themselves going from a stranger’s door to stranger’s door.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:57 pm

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