People from different African countries say Akon is just doing what a lot of countries regretted doing: funding his “Akon City” by just taking loans from China under certain conditions.

Akon’s city and “lighting up Africa” maybe thought of as brilliant moves, but a lot of Africans are saying they he’s basically building everything through Chinese loans.

Africans are showing concern because of China’s predatory contracts and colonial actions in African countries, saying that it may look good on the surface but may be detrimental.

A few years ago Akon announced his plans to “light up Africa” and revealed he got a $1 billion dollars to start the project. The loan turned out to be from Chinese manufacturers.

Akon recently received another $6 billion loan to “build his own city”, the loan is again from the Chinese.

A lot of people from different African countries are saying people are cheering without knowing the consequences could terrible, and that China seeks any way they can to get their hands on African land and resources.

(Just to be clear the quote above from the President of Tanzania starts at “only a drunk person” and not at idgaf).

The quote above refers to Tanzania’s president, Magufuli who recently cancelled a $10 billion contract with China that the president before him had signed, stating that “only a drunkard would sign this contract,” mentioning China’s colonial behavior, he stated that the contract had predatory conditions:

The contract was for construction of a port at Mbegani creek in Bagamoyo.

The Tanzania administration initially agreed to a contract that allowed the Chinese to be granted a 30 years guarantee, 99 years uninterrupted lease with an attached outrageous demand that Tanzanian government will have absolutely no power to raise concerns on whoever invests in the port during the that period.

Updated: June 17, 2020 — 1:44 pm

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