A Latina girl’s school, job, and other things she’s apart of are being contacted after she called a black girl the N word while her friends made fun of her Afro and called her derogatory names on live.

A video is going viral after a black girl on IG live was trying to tell a non-black Latina to stop calling her the N-word.

The Latina girl kept laughing in her face and asking her whether she was “mad” or not, taunting her.

The black girl explained that she actually was mad and continued trying to explain why the Latina girl should stop.

Here’s the video:

People are now trying to contact the establishments the Latina girl attends to alert them about the racism.

The girl and her friends were making fun of the black girl in a lot of other racist ways as well while the black girl was trying to educate:

Apparently the girl’s school’s principle also laughs at her calling black people the N word:

The Latina is currently disabling comments on all her social networks and hiding racist posts.

Updated: May 20, 2020 — 4:48 pm

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