A girl who was obssesed with her image killed herself after not getting enough likes, or amassing enough followers on her accounts.

Chloe Davison, 19, was found dead at her family home in the UK.

According to her sister Jade, she was an aspiring model and depended very much on social media to feel good about herself.

Jade, her sister told reporters: 

“all she would talk about was how many likes she got.”

She said that as soon as Chloe would make a post, she would go to all her friends and family and individually ask them to like her posts so her likes would publicly increase:

“If she put a picture on Facebook, she would ask the whole family to like her picture. She was too concerned about what other people thought about her.”

Jade also told reporters that it was the lack of likes, and sometimes the mean comments online, in private messages or on her posts that would affect Chloe immensely. 

It’s reported that Chloe hanged herself moments after taking some selfies.

Chloe’s mother and sister returned home around 11:30pm and found the teenager hanging in her bedroom.

Nick Coombs, 55, a family friend who was home when Chloe was found dead told reporters:

She was addicted to apps like Instagram and Snapchat. She would spend hours taking the perfect photo, but would delete it later if it didn’t get popular enough,” 

Coombs, continued:

“When we took her body down, her hair and makeup were still perfect. She was wearing some new lingerie that she’d been excited to model.”

Chloe’s mother told the Newcastle Chronicle:

“The impact it has, especially on younger people, can be devastating. Social media took over Chloe’s life…

She struggled socially from being at school so she didn’t work. Social media was her way of getting through the day. She didn’t go out a lot.”

She continued:

Chloe was beautiful, but she didn’t see that. She cared so much about how people saw her. She would post a picture on social media and want all her family to like it. If it wasn’t good enough she’d remove it.”

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:36 am

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