Jennifer Nichole Muldor has been trying to get help for awhile now, and no one has been listening to her.

Here’s the link to her GoFundMe.

And here’s the story.

Jennifer Nichole Muldor tried to protect her children one day when a teacher called her children “Retarded”, she got into an argument with the teacher, then started getting visits from visits from children and youth (cys). After it was investigated and announced that they were completely wrong for taking the child away, and saying absolutely every claim was unfounded:

they decided to keep the children anyway because of their living conditions.

Their children were taken away illegaly as Muldor says, but they took custody of the children anyway until they’re able to get a new house, or they’ll start adopting the children out, having her lose custody, new reasons being the living conditions.

Here’s Muldor’s story herself from herself from her GoFundMe page All she needs is help quickly to get to a small amount of money.

Those four beautiful babies you see are my heart’s. I live in Northumberland county Pennsylvania which is apparently one of the most corrupt counties in PA. After we got into it because a teacher called my son retarded(he has ADHD ODD and anxiety) we starting getting visits from children and youth (cys) last may the illegally took our babies from us. We got them back after 3 days. The agreement was they take legal custody we get to keep physical custody.  Then they made us get on this housing program through them. It took us months to find an acceptable house. We finally found one in December. However it didn’t have a furnace so in April after months of using electric heaters they bring code enforcement in and tell us we can’t stay there until the landlord puts a furnace in or until it gets warmer(mind you they approved this house)  we did everything thing they told us to do and then some. The were telling us we were excellent parents.(I have proof of this) We went to court in June. They told the judge we were bad parents who didn’t want anything for our children and wouldn’t survive without their rental assistance programs(that they made us get on) so the judge grants them legal custody again. 2 days later, they came took our kids and placed them with my god mother and threw us out of our house. Our landlord said we had to pay the whole 6 months (even though cys supposedly paid it) in order to stay.  Then I guess they felt like we were visiting our kids too much (every other day) they say my son said that they were beating on him and they remove the kids. We rush up there, to say goodbye to our kids. Our case worker flips out calls my husband a bunch of names try to fight him (I have video) and separates my babies.  They said we need our own home in order to get the kids back, I found a house. I’m ready to buy. I just need help with the closing costs. I’ll take whatever I can get. I just need my babies home. I’m only allowed to see them every other week for an hour. My oldest is 10 my youngest will be one on Monday and I can’t spend her day with her. Please whatever you can give I need the full cost by Friday.

This is her texting her separated daughter for the first time at her first foster home, she has to deal with all her children’s problem while she has no eyes on them.

With all this, she hasn’t heard from her son as well in a week.

There’s much more evidence of how foul and illegal the system moved, that was sent to us and will be posted if necessary, but to get her children on something false, and then keep them on other claims. Please, if you’re able to give anything at all, even if it’s a dollar, to reach her goal of $1300 quickly for a new house so she can have better living conditions to show the court so she can get her children back, please help, even $1 would be kind.

Here is the link to her GoFundMe




Muldor is currently in our inbox thanking everyone!

We’ll follow up with updates in the near future, the kids, and the house, thank you again to everyone!

UPDATE: 9/14/2018, Friday:

She signed the deed and got her keys!

More updates about the children to come!

Updated: November 9, 2019 — 11:38 pm

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