A black man has already served 25 years of his 40-60 year sentence for selling just 3 pounds of weed. He’s continuing to serve the sentence although weed has been legal in Michigan for a while.

Michael Thompson has spent 25 years in jail for selling just 3 pounds of weed, and is wondering why he’s still locked up. Thompson said:

“You know after 25 years, you don’t feel nothing no more. You just feel numb,”

While in prison, his only son, his mother, and his father have all died. His mother’s dying wish was that her son wouldn’t die behind bars.

The state of Michigan, where he was arrested, legalized weed in 2018.

Thompson said that he was ashamed at his mother’s funeral because he had to wear handcuffs for selling weed and serving what may even be considered life in prison.

Thompson’s morning correctional officer in his latest behavioral report said:

 “I’ve only observed Thompson as respectful towards the officers and other inmates .I’ve heard of no complaints about him + haven’t had any negative interactions with him.”

It’s reported that they reported that Thompson’s sentence was extended after they searched his house after the arrest and found a gun; a gun that he wasn’t in possession of during the sale of the weed.

Michigan’s current governor, Gretchen Whitmer, came into office promising balance justice and safety.

While in officer her website reads:

“Our country, our state, our neighborhoods can feel hopelessly divided. Yet, I know that we can fix this. We can make Michigan a place where our kids stay, our families thrive, and other people come to for opportunity.”

Thompson was excited when she came into office, believing that he would finally get justice and leniency on what feels like a life sentence for weed.

But those feelings died out, as a spokesperson for the governor’s office said:

“As it relates to Mr. Thompson, there currently isn’t a pardon application/request before Governor Whitmer for him.”

Thompson said:

“I ain’t ever committed a violent crime. Where’s the violence coming in at?”

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:42 pm

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