6ix9ine has reportedly rejected witness protection. He hopes to pick up right where he left off when free.

6ix9ine pointed fingers directly at people and named many names in court. He has reportedly decided that he doesn’t need witness protection.

TMZ reports that sources close to 6ix9ine have stated the rapper hopes to come out and get right back to his fans and create music.

After turning on the Nine Trey Bloods, 6ix9ine says he knows the gang may be trying to kill him, but his plan for that is to get 24/7 security guards and says that’ll be good enough for him.

Security isn’t cheap, but it’s reported that 6ix9ine still has money left over from before he was arrested.

It’s also reported that his family members fear for their lives so it will be costly providing security for them as well.

6ix9ine also plans on making new music and plans to use the money he receives from that to pay for the security and other ventures.

6ix9ine was facing 47 years in jail, but TMZ reports that he testified last week that he believes he’ll be out as early as next year, 2020. This may be due to the deals he cut with the feds.

Updated: October 30, 2019 — 5:28 pm

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