6ix9ine has admitted to years of domestic violence against his girlfriend, and constantly beating her in a cooperation agreement with the government.

Last year in November 2018, we posted what was just a rumor at the time, about 6ix9ine beating his girlfriend, Sara Molina.

One of 6ix9ine’s former managers took to IG to post about 6ix9ine constantly beating Sara, to the point he even raped her.

There was also a video of Sara showing her busted lip, which was said to have been caused by 6ix9ine, here’s the video:


Here’s what the former manager had to say:

Here he is with Jade, the one he allegedly beat Sara over after she looked through his phone. (Jade is one of the girls that was allegedly sleeping with Cardi B’s husband, Offset, and Cardi B allegedly got them fired after the club incident and her getting arrested. Tekashi then hired both girls and gave them jobs)

During that time we reported that 6ix9ine’s girlfriend was trying to get protection from him and get her story out so that the public can prevent him from continuously beating her.

Today, it’s been reported that 6ix9ine has finally admitted in court that he beat his girlfriend. The admission comes through a section of 6ix9ine’s cooperation agreement with the government, which has not previously been made public, and for which the government agreed not to prosecute him.

On the list of the crimes he committed, Judge Paul Englemayer stated that 6ix9ine “admits domestic violence from 2011 to November, 2018.”

According to the Judge’s last ruling, as per the deal, any accusations of 6ix9ine’s domestic violence will not be permitted to be brought up in court. 6ix9ine’s next hearing will most likely be held on September 17th according to the government. The date is not yet clear, as it depends on how long the Jury selection process takes.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:00 am

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