Kodili Okechukwu shares her story after her and a group of her friends were thrown out of a restaurant, because an Asian woman went and forced herself into their reservation seating, and the place being racist, threw them all out:

PLEASE SHARE THIS so that everyone knows what’s going on at this place. Solis Two Porsche Drive

We were enjoying a nice birthday dinner at Solis Two Porsche Drive, a hotel located on the grounds of Porsche Experience Center Atlanta and then this random woman, obviously drunk, comes to sit down at our table. We told her it was a private table and she proceeded to ask us where was the reserved sign. After continuously asking her to leave our table, she told all of us to “shut the f*ck up and that she wasn’t gonna leave..”

The manager eventually showed up and did not move her from our table. He kept her at our table for about 5 more minutes asking her questions about what went on and when we asked him to move the conversation somewhere else so that we could continue with our night, he refused.

An argument ensued after she continued to curse at as, and then my friend ( who is a 6’3 black man ) literally TAPPED the manager on the shoulder to speak to him and he turned around terrified and yelled ”If you touch me again, I will call security on you!!”. After that MY ENTIRE PARTY, was escorted out of the place, and that woman was left in the same seat smiling and very happy and content.

PLEASE SHARE THIS so that everyone knows what’s going on at this place.

Disrespectful Woman: pink dress and wrinkles

Manager: Man with glasses, mustache and that whack pinstriped suit

P.s: not to put them out but all of the valets (who look like us) said that this happens ALL THE TIME and it’s the reason they never invite friends there.


APPARENTLY this isn’t at Porsche, although the building did say Porsche on it. This was at the Solis hotel at a place called Overdrive Lounge..located at 2 Porsche dr. ?

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Updated: June 20, 2019 — 6:09 pm

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