R Kelly is going under deeper fire as a third tape of him raping a little girl is found.

Attorney Michael Avenatti who submitted a tape of R Kelly raping a little girl last week to law enforcement, has been made aware of a new tape.

Avenatti took to twitter and released this statement,

“Update: We have become aware of the existence of a third tape, that allegedly shows further acts of sexual abuse of an underage girl by R Kelly, which we are presently working to recover and turnover to law enforcement.”

Due to the importance of ensuring justice is finally done in this matter and because we are deeply concerned that Mr. Kelly has not been held accountable for his sexual abuse of young African-American girls, whom are especially vulnerable, we have done so on a pro bono basis,”

Avennati also released more information that puts R Kelly into a severe amount of trouble.  Avennati claims that they’ve found evidence of physical threats, payments to witnesses, and evidence tampering that led to his acquittal in 2008 in the first child rape case which R Kelly allegedly had on tape:

“We have now uncovered how R Kelly was able to gain his acquittal in 2008: We have discovered substantial evidence that he and certain enablers engaged in systematic witness intimidation, evidence tampering, physical threats, and payments to witnesses, They rigged the trial.”

Last week, Attorney Michael Avenatti submitted a VHS tape to law enforcement showing R Kelly having Sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Other major news networks have seen the 2nd tape, and they describe what’s on the tape, also identifying the man in the video as R Kelly: It’s reported the tape is 42 minutes and 45 seconds, and is a very clear video (meaning all parties inside the video can be seen very clearly), and is explicit.

Through the video, you cannot tell the exact age of the girl by looking at her of course, but both the girl and the man in the video as well refer to the girl as

–14-year-old p*ssy.

The girl in the video refers to herself 6 times as “This 14-year-old p*ssy”.

R Kelly is currently under investigation for the 2nd tape, awaiting the 3rd tape to be revised.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:56 pm

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