The Kansas Bureau of Investigations (KBI) is now investigating an attempted murder after a 15 year old tried to strangle a woman.

The Smith County Sheriff’s Office were called to 10021 O Road in Smith Center. at 10:20 a.m this morning.

Someone called 911 to report an attempted murder. When the police arrived they found a 66-year-old woman who reported being restrained, beaten, and strangled.

The woman was taken to the hospital and is reported to now be doing fine.

It’s reported that a 15 year old male pulled up on a woman on a horse and began beating her, and strangling her. The police say the suspect then fled on horseback, which prompted ground units and the Kansas Highway Patrol Air Support Units to begin a search of the area.

The Kansas Highway Patrol troopers found the boy near 100 Road and L Road and began to chase the suspect down. The boy was armed with a firearm.

The police spent a few hours trying to apprehend the suspect. It’s reported that around 2:20 pm, the boy shot at the police with his firearm. No police officers were hit.

In retaliation, a police officer shot at the suspect, striking him.

The boy was taken to a local hospital, and then flown out to Nebraska hospital. The boy’s condition is currently unknown.

The boy’s identity is also being withheld from the press and media as he’s a minor.

The KBI reported that no police officers were hurt during the event.

Updated: October 27, 2019 — 7:55 pm

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