A 15-year-old black boy was accused of killing a prominent Rabbi.

Charges are now dropped after a 15-year-old black boy spent one year in jail for of a Rabbi,

Then 15-year-old Deandre Charles had been accused of murdering Joseph Raksin, a prominent Rabbi in New York City.

The Miami-Dade Police Department and State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s administration were recently forced to admit that Deandre Charles had not killed the Rabbi.

Charles’ Lawyers say they now have proof that the Miami Dade Police department and the State Attorney, Katherine Fernandez Rundle possessed evidence that Charles did not commit the murder, and buried the evidence from the very beginning of the case that proved Charles’ innocence.

While in possession of this evidence, they charged Charles anyway, and spread the teens image all over news stations and newspapers, with a humiliating Sketch of “Charles” seen below.

The below picture is Deandre Charles’ mug shot,

Here’s video of when the arrest was made and Charles’ face, now proven innocent, was spread everywhere, she placed the sketch side by side with a picture of Deandre showing that “it was him”.

In fact, the sketch was the only thing they had to hold him on.

An explosive lawsuit was revealed to have been filed last Thursday, that will be proving that everyone involved in the arrest, the police department, and the State Attorney all participated in burying the evidence that would’ve proved then 15-year-old Deandre Charles’ innocence.

The lawsuit states that law enforcement knew Charles didn’t commit the crime, and were told he didn’t, but the police department pushed for his arrest anyway though his name was never mentioned anywhere. A confidential police informant and a civilian tipster identified the four men involved in the murder of the Rabbi, their initials released as K.C., D.P., M.K., and J.S. in the lawsuit — as having been at the murder scene. The informants say the suspects had been driving in a black Cadillac Escalade. The suit says neither of the informants mentioned Charles in any way.

In 2014, after the murder, K.C. and D.P arrived to Charles’ house and asked if his brother was around. His brother wasn’t around, so they asked Charles if he wanted take a ride in the Escalade. The suit says that Charles had been “Wowed” by the Escalade and accepted to ride.

Police later detained the car and questioned all three inside. The suit says that K.C and D.P gave obvious inconsistent testimony about where they were during the killing of the Rabbi. And neither men said Charles was with them at any time. At least 2 of the suspects named by the informants had priors in Armed Robbery.

About a year later the police received even more evidence that Charles wasn’t guilty or anywhere near the crime scene, but they decided to keep him anyway and bury that evidence. Suspect J.S who was mentioned by both informants, was arrested on a different charge. While in custody he confirmed he and 3 other people were at the scene of the murder, naming the 3 other men, again never mentioning Charles.

The suit says,

“The three men that J.S. identified and described as being involved in the murder of Rabbi Joseph Raksin were the same three men named by the confidential informant and two of the same three men named in the Crime Stoppers tips. J.S. did not mention the Plaintiff [Charles] as having any involvement in the attempted robbery and murder.”

J.S also said that the 4 men regularly committed crimes together, and the morning of the Rabbi’s death, they had been trying to rob houses. J.S described the clothes the people involved in the robbery, and the description closely matched the clothes eyewitnesses had also described of the 4 men, none of the descriptions matching Charles’.

Charles’ Lawyer also mentioned that there was a difference in DNA match as well, Charles’ DNA not being involved. Law enforcement hid all of that, and kept Charles without having anything to keep him on, and made him the face of the killings, without absolutely zero proof, and even proof that went against him being a suspect.

Charle’s lawyer DeMiles’ says:

“This evidence was in the detective’s possession and control the whole time. I think the state attorney believed the detective, but the detective really dropped the ball.”

Rundle’s office also messed up DNA  evidence in a different cold-case murder. Her office charged a man 2014 for a 1986 killing, but in August 2018 they dropped the case in what mentioned as likely a Miuse of DNA forensics.

Rundle was the State Attorney behind the case of death of Darren Rainey. This was a very famous case that reached internationally,

Darren Rainey was a mentally ill man who was placed in scalding hot shower by guards, and was killed by the shower and left there. Rundle refused to charge the 4 guards involved in the death of Darren Rainey. Not only didn’t she charge any of the men, one of the men who she didn’t charge later on became a Miami Gardens cop, and has since been repeatedly accused of official misconduct and having sex while on duty. A Miami-Dade County medical examiner, Emma Lew, lied to the public and said Darren Rainey didn’t have any burn marks on his skin when he died. Rundle later recommended that Emma Lew receive an award for her work.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:04 pm

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