A 13-year-old girl who was jumped by 3 other girls has passed away in the hospital after slipping into a coma.

Last Thursday video of a 13-year-old girl getting jumped by 3 students went viral on popular social media platforms.

2 girls beat her severely as she was walking home from school, and an additional girl joined in to repeatedly kick her in the head.

Kashala Francis died Wednesday morning, April 24th at Texas Children’s Hospital, after slipping into a coma last week because of the assault.

Doctors say they found a tumor in the back of her head that may have been exacerbated by the constant bashing of her head. Video shows her being jumped by the girls, and all the students around laughing at her instead of helping.

Victor Senties, a spokesman for the Houston Police Department, said the incident is being investigated as a homicide pending an autopsy for the cause of death.  Senties said:

“Until the autopsy is finished, we won’t know,”

Francis’ mother Mamie Jackson told KTRK news:

“I can see these girls kicking her in the head while other children are laughing at her,”

Her mother said Kashala came home from school Thursday and had bruises on her face but insisted she was fine. By Saturday, her mother said she had become delusional while spending the night at a relatives house and complained of severe headaches. Jackson said:

“I drove over and I told her to get up. I said, ‘Get up, Kashala.’ She kept saying, ‘Mama, my head hurts,’ so she laid down,”

She said her daughter lost consciousness moments later and she called 911.

She spent several days on life support before she died.

Jackson said:

“We found out she has a large tumor in the back of her head, and she had fluid buildup in her brain”

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:44 pm

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