A 13 year old girl who went missing for almost a month was found safe.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, 13 year old Skylar Mannie is back with her family.

Nefertirti Neal, Skylar’s mother expressed overwhelming happiness that she was reunited with her daughter, especially since she’s heard of so many little black girls going missing.

She told reporters,

“There’s nothing worse than to not know where your baby is, and to have a homicide detective call you and ask you what color is her shirt and where are her scars,”

She told reporters that the last weeks have been hell her, especially since when the body of a young girl matching her daughter’s description turned up this week in Hacienda Heights.

Nefertirti Neal said her daughter walked off on valentine’s day after she tried to prevent her from having a relationship with an adult by getting police involved. She said:

“I think that she met someone else, and that someone else is taking advantage of her being 13,”

Mannie has reportedly been in contact with people through social media, and Neal, her mother, was sent a video showing an older man touching her daughter.

She didn’t see or hear from Skylar since then.

Police haven’t release any more information on the case yet.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:51 pm

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