A 12 year old boy who was arrested appeared in court last week to face felony charges.

Aspiring rapper Corey “Lil C Note” Jackson, was arrested last year in October for allegedly selling Mixtapes at a mall in Georgia.

The video of the arrest went viral. Here’s the video:

Last week after appearing in court for felony obstruction charges, he posted on Instagram about the incident stating that he knows he didn’t do anything wrong and he’s now scared of police.

He stated that he felt like the cops treated him like a murderer or robber, and asked for the cops body cam to be released.

He called the incident mind-blowing, stating he can’t believe he’s going through this.

According to the New York Post, Jackson had previously received a “criminal trespassing” warning, stating he wasn’t supposed to be selling in public without a license.

Cobb County Police Chief Mike Register explained to the Marietta Daily Journal why he’s facing Felony Charges:

“What that meant is if they caught the young man back on the premises of Cumberland Mall selling CDs, then they would request that the police make a criminal trespass case (against) the young man. The officer was simply trying to get information and make a determination if a crime was occurring. During that interaction, the juvenile continued to be verbally resistant.”

T.I actually spoke at a press conference in January with Jackson, stating:

“Basically, it’s our black kids getting picked on. You know if that was a white kid, nothing would’ve ever happened.”

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:53 pm

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