An 11 year old girl requested an abortion when she got pregnant last year, but Argentina Refused.

The 11-year-old girl became pregnant after she got raped by her grandmother’s 65-year-old partner. The girl requested that she be granted an abortion.

After the requested was delayed for 5 weeks, some doctors refused to carry out the procedure.

The doctors let the pregnancy reach the 2nd trimester at 23 weeks, which is near the 3rd trimester of 29 weeks. The girl was 5 months pregnant and was forced to give birth to the baby, unable to carry out the pregnancy. Obviously unable to give birth naturally, the doctors gave the girl a C-section, and she gave birth to an extremely premature baby.

The baby is now alive, but doctors say it has little chance of surviving.

The Argentina local media reported that the girl had been clear on what she wanted from the very beginning, telling the officials:

“I want this thing the old man put inside me taken out.”

Abortion in Argentina is only legal for cases of rape and if the mother’s health is in danger, but doctors say that the girl’s “Uncertainty about who her guardian was is what caused delays”, so they refused to give her the abortion because they couldn’t tell who the guardian was.

It’s reported that the girl’s mother agreed with her daughter’s wishes to get an abortion, but since the girl was living with her grandmother, doctors say they were confused, and that caused the 5 month delay which forced the girl into her second trimester.

But of course the excuses are ridiculous. The doctors have been cited for saying that they didn’t perform the abortions due to their own personal beliefs as well.

The human rights groups Andhes, have put the blame on the Tucumán state health authorities, and pro-choice groups have said that what happened to the girl amounted to “torture”.

Pro Choice activists protests outside of the hospital where the 11-year-old girl was given the C-Section.

Abortion is technically illegal in Argentina except for cases of Rape. And even in this situation people believe doctors purposely used their beliefs to have the girl’s abortion delayed until they were able to give her a C-Section so they could birth the child. Pro Choice groups have called for the abortion laws in Argentina to be changed, and to allow abortions to be legalized in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:55 pm

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